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4012 Cambrian Rd
Severn Bridge Ontairo

(705) 689 - 8230

Fern Forest Garden Center selling a unique collection of Annuals, Perennials and Trees and Shrubs from our Garden Center located at the north end of Cambrian Road Just off Highway 11 just minutes from the town of Washago. 


Plan-Prod Shake & Grow Slow Release Fertilizer

Plan-Prod Shake & Grow Slow Release Fertilizer

  • 12-12-12 formula
  • Balanced formula feeds all types of garden plants
  • Encourages bigger, healthier plants
  • Quick release for fast start for the plant
  • 3 month feed lasts the entire season
                     Plant-Prod Applicator   

                    Plant-Prod Applicator

  • The Plant-Prod® Applicator is a very accurate and easy way to fertilize gardens.
  • The fertilizer solution is siphoned out of the applicator at a constant rate.
  • That means that the same concentration of the fertilizer solution is reaching the plants throughout the entire action of fertilizing.
  • The Plant-Prod® Applicator takes the guesswork out of fertilizing.
  Plant- Prod Water Soluble Fertilizer

  Plant- Prod Water Soluble Fertilizer

Available Fertilizers:

  • 20-20-20 All Purpose
  • 10-52-10 Plant Starter
  • 30-10-10 Evergreen
  • 15-30-15 Flowering
  • 15-15-30 Tomato & Vegetable
  • 12-12-12 Shake and Grow
    All Purpose