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4012 Cambrian Rd
Severn Bridge Ontairo

(705) 689 - 8230

Fern Forest Garden Center selling a unique collection of Annuals, Perennials and Trees and Shrubs from our Garden Center located at the north end of Cambrian Road Just off Highway 11 just minutes from the town of Washago. 

About Us

Fern Forest Gardens
“Greenhouses in the Forest”
If you drive down the north end of Cambrian Road on a regular basis, you must have noticed that something is going on at 4012! A second driveway went in and then some kind of structure was built way back in the forest. At 10 am on Thursday, May 18, 2006 all will be revealed as Fern Forest Gardens opens it’s doors to local area residents.

The 97 acre property was purchased by Tom and Karen Kahle in 1988. The land for the house was cleared in 1993 and they then proceeded to build their dream home. 

After many, many hours of hard work and help from family, friends, and local sub contractors, they were finally able to move into their weekend/holiday retreat in November 1995. For the next 10 years, 
Tom and Karen along with their two children, made the commute from the city every weekend and every vacation. By November 2005 they had all finally moved here permanently - no more fighting the Friday night cottage traffic for them! 

The idea of building a greenhouse came to Karen one day as she was working away in one of their many flowerbeds. Tom and Karen have always been avid gardeners, and Karen realized that they could turn something they loved to do into their own home-based business. She even had the perfect spot for it. Recruiting Tom, family, friends, and local contractors, they all went to work to make this idea a reality. The first 2,000 sq. ft. hoop house was purchased in the spring of 2005 and erected during the summer. A second 2,000 sq. ft. hoop house soon followed. 

Situated in 25 acres of forest, close to the railroad tracks and back off the road, Fern Forest Gardens is quite literally “Greenhouses in the Forest”. The hoop houses are surrounded by towering Hemlock and Muskoka rock. The minimum amount of land was cleared during construction to maintain a natural atmosphere. Fern Forest Gardens offers a variety of robust, hardy annuals and perennials that have been chosen for their suitability in local growing conditions. They also have a wide selection of garden décor accessories and bagged soil products.

Be sure to pop in and visit Tom and Karen at 4012 Cambrian Road, as they would love to show you around their “Greenhouses in the Forest”.

Excerpt from the artile "Forest Gardening In Toronto" May 2013

"Alternatively, you might give Fern Forest Gardens a try. Are you unable to have a garden of your own, but would still like to enjoy forest garden products? Perhaps you just need to buy something for your own. This is a good place to visit then, as it is more than "ready to service all of your garden needs." Whether you're looking for annuals, perennials, vegetables, cedar mulch, bagged soils, or top soil, everything is available. Pick whatever you need and enjoy!"